I'm Timothy Vernon

Timothy Vernon

I build beautiful, modern web applications with Javascript. This is my website where I write about what I am learning and my experiences.



I am an experienced software developer with five years of software design, development, testing, support, and troubleshooting. I have a proven ability to quickly implement new languages and technologies to fit the unique needs of different projects. I am a skilled communicator with presentation, workshop, and tutoring experience.

Below is a detailed listing of the places I've worked and the projects that I've contributed to:


July 2016 through

September 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Senior Software Engineer

July 2018 – September 2018

Building delightful, modern web applications with React and Javascript.

Software Engineer

July 2016 – July 2018

Building responsive, WCAG accessible web experiences with a broad range of front-end technologies. Delivering business value fast within an Agile team by creating proof-of-concepts for user experience designers. Mastering front-end skills in Angular and React frameworks as well as modern Javascript best practices. Supporting designer colleagues with web performance and responsive strategies.

My work can be found all over emirates.com. I worked with Emirates Airlines on their website as a consultant for 2 years - releasing a new homepage, improving booking flows, and adding new features for all aspects of managing a flight booking.



February 2011 through

June 2016

Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Electrical Engineer

June 2013 – June 2016

Served as the primary engineer on an embedded Java application for monitoring, controlling, and configuring industrial network equipment. Bolstered project with development, testing, and support skills while releasing progressive improvements to customers worldwide. Led several training workshops on the product and supported commissioning and troubleshooting efforts internationally.

Developed a web application for embedded devices using node.js and various JavaScript technologies. Learned and implemented HTML, CSS, and modern web development tooling to create a dynamic, single-page application for an industrial, controls-focused experience.

Built a proof-of-concept for a hybrid desktop/mobile application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies linked to a C++ backend for configuration and diagnostics of Flowserve products over serial or ethernet communications.


Engineering Intern

February 2011 - June 2013

Started intern/co-op experience with Flowserve Limitorque in the Product Management Division with responsibilities in product documentation and support, marketing products, and assisting in product management. Implemented and conducted a corporate customer survey, compiled and analyzed results and presented findings to management. Handled product documentation revisions and new releases.

While under the Product Management umbrella also assisted the Research and Development Department in PCB prototyping for inter-board communication and motor controller applications.

In December of 2011 transferred to the Applications Engineering Department to join a product development team. Largely involved in Java applications development and software testing. Lead programmer on web application addition to controls and automation project which features intranet status, control, and configuration of networked hardware.