I'm starting a blog today. It probably won't be much or that great but I want to at least try. My goal in this is three-fold: learn in public, practice my writing, and experiment on a site that can reflect my design and technology tastes.

Learn in public

We all learn something new everyday. At least we should. As a web developer in a constantly changing field, learning is akin to keeping a job. So because every good developer is seeking to keep up or gain a better understanding of their industry, there is ample room for many developers writing many articles explaining many different things. Everyone learns in a different style.

Part of this idea has come from Kent C. Dodds and this tweet I saw he replied to. I think there is a lot of value in this idea. Too many developers are afraid to share what they are learning for fear of being wrong or fear of being late to the game. Instead of learning in secret, why not share lots of little things, like tips or tricks, that might be helpful to someone. I don't plan on writing a new framework or the next hot library but I will share the little things that I am learning and the tips/tricks/hacks that I discover.

Constantly improve my writing

I want to use this site to practice my writing, especially technically. There are so many articles which already exist that explain the benefit of using written word to organize your thoughts. I believe every bit of this. Forcing myself to publicly write about what I am learning encourages me to both learn interesting things but also write a lot more. Writing is both a skill and a muscle - this is my chance to strengthen my writing. I'd also like get faster at writing and explaining my thoughts.

Why not just write on Medium or another blog platform?

Good question. In the future I might choose a couple articles here and there to repost to a site that could give me some more traffic or influence. However, as a nerd, there is always the desire to build things for yourself. This blog (and personal site) give me the chance to choose each block of the tech stack and experiment as I go. I'd love to continually iterate on this platform to learn new technologies (and then write about them!) as I craft a site that perfectly meets my needs. Right now I am excited to start using gatsby and emotion, as well as working to refine my terrible design skills.

Thanks for reading

If you've made it to here, thanks for following along! This is the start of something new for me and I don't expect to get a lot of traffic. I won't promise new posts every day, but I hope to be regular in posting new content several times a week. We will see how it goes!

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I'm Timothy Vernon

Timothy Vernon

I build beautiful, modern web applications with Javascript. This is my website where I write about what I am learning and my experiences.


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